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Keep your ears perked up! Cynthia is on the move and taking the world with her. Be sure to sign up to stay up to date on shows, streaming events and artwork by becoming a member of the listening party. The pandemic has put us in, but not put us out! Cynthia alongside The Eric Jones Trio is still making incredible music and toughing out the lockdown.  Click HERE to register. Cynthia goes into COVID-19 lockdown and comes out with an abundance of new material, Live Streaming shows, and a label name change! Last Kind Jazz is the newest label to the LK Entertainment Network. Her newest album is called "A Tribute to Billie" and includes classics remade with hits like "Don't Explain" and Old Moon River.  Ever-the vivid storyteller, Cynthia weaves a tale like a dreamcatcher, pointedly staying on the task of exhibiting nothing short of the facts, as we know them, her performances often border on theater. Be sure to check your iTunes, Spotify or wherever you search for music.

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